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Linear shower drains with grate

Linear shower room drains with grate and different types of siphons by E.C.T Wet Room Drains UK.

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E.C.T DISTRIBUTION LTD products can ensure you a perfect drainage system thanks to great detail attention, modern design and high quality materials.


Funcionality, safety and modern design - this is what new line of E.C.T DISTRIBUTION LTD products offers.


All our products are manufactured from high quality stainless-steel. Without question stainless-steel is definitely long lasting and is particularly capable of withstand a large amount of force, pressure and also the regular rigors of each day abuse. This kind of durability is one of the great reasons  why it really is perfect for floor shower channel drains systems.


The linear shower channel drain is a type of drain system characterized by a narrow shape and long profile. It does not require a tough slope for it to function well. All you’ve to do is ensure that the floor of your shower slopes towards one direction.


Advantages of a stainless-steel linear shower channel drain


Non rusting


The stainless material is non corrosive, and it is thus one of the most very best materials that may be used in a wet room or shower room environment, especially if one intends to set-up linear drainage floor channel drains, shower grates and  wet room drains for tiled floor. It's non corrosive capability helps make it resistance against oxidation, while its tile insert finish really helps to stay away from the accumulation of hard water deposits.




Many people get injured at home and particularly in the bathroom by falling. This is often due to the kinds of bathrooms people install. Establishing a linear shower room drain improves the quality of life that people actually experience in their homes safety wise. This is because the fear that people normally have and the level of caution they have to constantly have does not do well for relaxing. Linear shower room drains are not only safe to stand up individuals but also for wheelchair users because they are disability accommodative.


Design continuity


Designers fancy linear shower room drains. This is because it is possible to use the same floor tile that is used in the bathroom/ shower region of the house using the tile-in technique that is employed in linear shower room drains. Designers love doing this because it makes the surface uninterrupted by visual detraction. There are therefore no limitations on the size of the slabs that can be used.




The linear drain also features long lines and therefore a clear design. This makes it attractive aside from the fact that it achieves more installation possibilities. It is versatile because of the possibility of being placed in different parts of the shower. The entrance of the shower or the back wall is also two principal places to put the linear drain.




Cleaning is also very easy for the linear drain particularly when the material used is good. They are cleaned using water and soap. Linear floor drains have a debris collection basket that is removable. This is good as it helps prevent clogging the pipes that actually drain off the water.




The linear drain is easy to install because of its characteristic perfectly sized linear drains. For as long as the shower flow slopes in a single direction, the drainage will serve perfectly well, in fact, better than when drain slopes in four different ways towards the drain.




With the linear drain, you have a barrier-less entrance to the shower. This, therefore, gives you an easy transition from the dry area of the house to the wet floor of the shower.


Linear drain is in all sense better than the rest of the shower room drains not only because of the ease it delivers but in matters style, cost, and even convenience. This is why it is the favorite design even for designers.


We can customize any product in terms of size or shape of the drains! Call Us: 07577132634

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